Bartik Drupal 6 theme backported

Bartik Drupal 6 theme

I have been receiving several positive feedback from my visitors about my current website theme (Bartik). This theme is actually designed by Jen Simmons and it is now the official Drupal 7 default theme. You can find the Drupal 7 theme from here.

At the time this post was written, Drupal 6 version of this theme is not available yet. You may refer to this issue. Since I have already rewritten it for use in my portfolio and blog site here, I'm now willing to release the backported and rewritten Bartik for Drupal 6. The look and feel remains the same, only thing is I'm using my own private base theme.

You may download from the attachment below and let me know if you found any bugs or have feedback and suggestions. I'll be happy to improve it. You may also contact me for custom Drupal theming and development services.

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Thanks for doing tis - having a look at it now for a new site I'm building!

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You are welcome :)

Thanks for trying, especially useful for those who are not ready to upgrade to D7 yet.

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hey nice theme i love it..great job buddy. i ve been using it and i cant see the color scheme, how do i configure it.

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Sorry EULER, I won't be supporting Drupal 5.
Its highly recommended to upgrade to the latest Drupal version (as of now, its 7).

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The Drupal 6 backport of Bartik does not contain colour scheme feature unfortunately. I just made it out of my free time for my personal site and now sharing with the community.

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Thanks Sylvain,

Just curious do you happen to be from Z-Groupe at Paris , France?

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This theme is a realy clean backport. Great work, Leow!

Thank´s for sharing. Drupal and open source is such a cool thing because of talented and open minded guys like you. Keep it up!


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Thank you Don for the comment :-)

But do note that Drupal 6 is pretty old already and strongly recommend you to upgrade to version 7 :P

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Nice clean theme! Wish there was such a theme for my own cms system!

Grtz from Holland!

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Thanks Matras !

You should try and use Drupal CMS and you'll love it :P