Quick Jump - Simple Drupal module for quick navigation to any content or administration pages

Recently, I came across a need for quick navigation and access to any page in Drupal website with the least amount of clicks possible. Inspired by Quicksilver app for Mac, this Drupal module was written.

Quick Jump is a simple and handy module that allows you (or mainly the administrators / site maintainer) to quickly navigate to any content or administration pages in Drupal website.

The search box is triggered via hotkey with the help of jQuery Hotkeys library by John Resig.


  1. Download the module and extract to sites/all/modules
  2. Downoad jQuery Hotkeys from here and extract to sites/all/libraries/jquery.hotkeys.
  3. Enable the module and optionally configure at admin/config/user-interface/quick-jump.
  4. Launch the Quick Jump search box via hotkey Alt + Q.

Feel free to download from the link below and play around with it. Feedback and suggestions are welcomed! This is still under development.

Note that this module was written for administrator users or site maintainers only and will work out of the box (please remember to check permissions for other non-admin roles).

4 comments for 'Quick Jump - Simple Drupal module for quick navigation to any content or administration pages'

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This was originally developed for a recent project of my own. At that point of time I only found Teleport which is only available for Drupal 6.

Didn't know there is Coffee out there, looks very promising with its API hooks!

Well, didn't quite wasted my time since I've learnt something during the development =/

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Time spent developing, exploring around in code and experimenting is most definitely never wasted! :)

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Yep, thats the spirit!

Just sharing here what I've particularly found lacking with Drupal's autocomplete (or maybe I'm missing something).

Sometimes we want to be able to quickly navigate or submit form after selecting the AC result.

The code:


function autocompleteBindSubmit() {
  $('.form-text:first').unbind('keypress').bind('keypress', function(e) {
    if (e.keyCode == 13) {
      return false;

  $('#autocomplete ul li').click(function() {

Hope that helps anybody out there!