Remove the "No front page content has been created yet." in the default Drupal installation

* Implements template_preprocess_page().
function YOUR_THEME_preprocess_page(&$vars) {
  // Remove the "No front page content has been created yet.".
  if (isset($vars['page']['content']['system_main']['default_message'])) {

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A better solution would be to show how the /node page itself is disabled, and how to change the default front page.

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Alternative way is to use Empty Front Page module. But this completely removes the homepage content.

The code I posted above is used when you have other blocks that are also in the $page['content'] region, but you do not wanna show the default "No frontpage content..."

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Couple alternatives to this;
You could create a node, and in your settings, set that Node ID as your Front page.
Or, you could create a View Page, and set that as the Front Page.

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Yeap! Thanks for the alternatives too! Definitely many ways to do this, such as using Panels to create a Panels Page homepage placeholder.

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In Home, then Administration, then Configuration, then System, then Site information, you can specify the "Default front page". I specified a node (an alias), and my front page became that content. Leaving this blank dumps the content feed.

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